We planted tomatoes and carrots again this year, and they’re pretty much happening just as they did last year. I put the carrots into the ground to hope they would be bigger and more would survive; fewer survived,but we’ll see about their size when I harvest them in two or three weeks.

My uncle gave us plants for those ugly tomatoes. I don’t know what they are or why they aren’t turning red or if they taste different. I just know that I don’t like how they look.

We planted cucumbers this year. They’re quite plentiful in production quantity, though the taste is a little different from store bought stuff (I suppose that’s good). To be honest, I didn’t do any gardening this year. I told my parents I wanted to plant cucumbers this year but I lived/worked in a different city and checked on the plants when I visted about once a month.

But still. The cucumbers count. I wanted to do beans but because I was away, I didn’t want to ask too much of my parents. I don’t know about winter gardening, but the entry on this list does say two or more vegetables…